Simple-minded giant of a man


Brogue is somewhat of a local celebrity in Hammer Hill. His mother died at birth. His father followed soon after of illness. But most folks think it was a broken heart that killed him. He was taken in by a man called Brother Macklin; a local tutor and town scribe. Brother Macklin’s patient and kind personality was perfect for raising the young Brogue, who was simple-minded. Many children naturally teased him. When he became angry, he became dangerous. But Brother Macklin was always nearby to stop any real harm from being done.

Now that Brogue is a full-grown man, he works for the town. His man duty is as a loader at the locks. But he’s also involved in gathering timber for building barges and structures in town. This hard labor, combined with his natural size and strength, has produced an immense and imposing man.



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