Human of 63 with dark skin and thick white hair


Hargen is wiry, but strong. He has weathered brown skin and a bush of white hair atop his head. He is meticulous about shaving, getting up early and burning candles to finish before dawn. His left forearm has a slight bend to it, a remnant of some injury he incurred on his lone trip to Hammer Hill from Yolsk as a young man.


Hargen came to Hammer Hill on his own, as a young man daring to travel the road north from Yolsk alone. Soon after he arrived, he began working with the crops, which only consisted of three fields at that time. He learned from two Master Growers before assuming the role for himself at the young age of 31. For the past 32 years, he has become the best Master Grower in Hammer Hill history. His contributions include:

- Expanding the fields from three to thirteen.
- Adding four additional seasonal crops.
- Rotating crops every other year.
- Setting aside some land for a test plot for new crops.
- Clearing the land around the fields for better protection from raids.

He has earned the respect of the Hammer Hill city councils he has served over the years. Some historians have even credited Hargen with fueling the growth of the town from a mere mining camp with only three permanent structures to the town it has become today.


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