Adventure Log for Session 9+

Goblin Scouts

Just after Sunpass on the third day, with Alexey off drilling his troops, the rest of us crested a hill. Aimon led the way, talking in a hushed tone with Master Timble. Gledrick and Sven followed. They seemed to be taking turns grunting. Ilirithil and I brought up the rear.

In a flash, Aimon turned his head, drew an arrow, and fired down the hill into some trees and brush. Without thought, I cast a shield on myself and stepped away from the downslope. Even Master Vontaze would have appreciated my reaction. Gledrick and Sven seemed not to notice for a moment.

A second arrow from Aimon dropped a goblin hound that had charged halfway up the hill. A second hound bolted up and leaped toward Gledrick, but bounced off his shiny, new shield. In addition to the hounds, several goblins suddenly swarmed us. I attempted a new tactic, casting Daze on one of the approaching goblins. I think I cast with good form and clear pronunciation. I felt the energy flow through my body as it should, but there was no affect on the goblin. Master Vontaze warned us that some individuals may resist some spells. Perhaps that’s what happened here. I was quite disappointed.

The undazed goblin then turned on me, stepped around Sven and swung his short sword. I know I cringed in anticipation, but his arcing sword found my shield energy and diverted harmlessly to the side. I’ve never seen a goblin make a sour face…or rather, I thought all their faces foul. This one, however, clearly soured when his sword failed to find its mark. He had no time to gather himself before Ilirithil shook the life out of him.

It’s strange to think of finding humor in a battle for our lives. However, Gledrick found some and I also had to share the laugh. He found himself facing two goblins with a hound at his side. For a moment, he simply enjoyed their futile attempts to strike against his new armor. He told me what it was. Some banded, splinted, braided, bonded mail of some sort. I don’t recall now, but he seemed rather proud. Here he stood among teeth and swords grinning like a devil…a short devil. When he finally went to work, a few strokes brought down a dog and obliterated a goblin. For his final blow, he tossed his new shield aside, swung his hammer over his head and brought it down through the goblin’s hapless shield. The force of the blow was staggering and decisive.

At one point, I used my Hand of the Apprentice trick with the dagger. I beamed as the dagger flew from my hand to fell a goblin warrior that harrowed Sven. This has become a favorite attack of mine, but I’m glad I don’t have to use it too often.

After our visible foes had fallen, we noticed Aimon drawing an arrow on a distant tree. Just before striking, he lowered his bow and suggested I try to cast a sleeping spell on the goblin. Once I sited him, I set forth with my cast. It was a good cast with a square step forward and an even tear of the rose pedal. We watched as the warrior fell where he stood.

This could be the piece we need. It seems we found a scouting party, presumably from the camp. With this captive goblin, we may be able to persuade him into leading us there. In any case, it seems we are close now. I look forward to finding it, so we can be done with this madness. There is much research I hope to do upon my return to Hammer Hill.



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