Burdic Chainsunder

Current Council Leader


Burdic Chainsunder is the current chair-dwarf of the town council of Hammer Hill. He is in charge of running the town, seeing to the defenses and provisioning of the town. Burdic is also a high-ranking member of Guild of the Iron Hand.

Burdic was a mere boy of 30 years when he traveled with his father to establish Hammer Hill 160 years ago. He is fiercely proud of the town as it stand in defiance of the harsh wilderness around it.

Burdic is very busy which gives him a dismissive and gruff appearance. But in rare quiet moments he is kind. He is unusually (for a dwarf) appreciative of all the various peoples who live under his care and the talents they bring to making the town a success.


Burdic Chainsunder

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