Hammer Hill


The town of Hammer Hill is an isolated, medium-sized town located in Shadowvale and known for it’s production of quality ore and other minerals. It is located in a deep and narrow valley between two mountain ranges. To the east lies brooding Syrock Highlands, and to the west lies the menacing Dragon’s spine. A field of glaciers occupies the pointed northern end of the valley and several small rivers and streams collect to form The Lake of the Clouds down the center of the valley. The town lies on the southeastern shore of the lake and has build several dams to control the level of the water. One lock, which is used to load barges of ore and fine iron and steel products for shipment down The River Volstock.

Hammer hill is so named because of a small hill located at the center of town. The Guild of the Iron Hand owns most of the land on the hill. And the sound of hammers working steel can be heard ringing out across the town. The sound is almost musical (from a distance) and is a point of civic pride.

South of Hammer Hill lies a broad wilderness of deep forest. The mountains to either side broaden out into barren and rolling highlands. These areas are considered treacherous and only the brave venture very far from the walls of Hammer Hill.

The town manages cultivate some fields surrounding the town where various crops are grown. But agriculture is limited by a short growing season and high labor costs induced by the need to defend every acre cultivated from both wildlife and raiding bands of goblins. The town also draws a large quantity of fish from the waters of The Lake of the Clouds, which are stored for use in winter. The rest of the town’s needs are met with trade.

Hammer Hills largest trading partner is the city of Yolsk; a month’s journey on the The River Volstock. Each spring a merchant’s guild (The Golden Tide) organizes and assembles a river caravan. Barges are built and loaded for the one-way journey. Trade is conducted under the trade laws of Yolsk and party returns in late summer with gold and provisions. Some of the journey back is taken on the river until the current is too strong to move against. Then comes the dangerous Trade Road of Shadowvale.

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Hammer Hill

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